Monday, May 21, 2012

sub columns for each column of a database

Sub Columns in a Main Column in a table of a database??
Interesting concept but not sure if this can be implemented...

eg: my db name is db1
my table name is table1
columns are like this:
1) Book Name - ColA
2) Author Name - Colb
3) Location details - ColC

Sub Columns:
for ColA the sub columns are something like:
a) Edition number
b) published date

for ColB the sub columns are something like:
a) about the Author
b) Author career

The idea is to store all the sub columns in separate pages other than the data page where the main column data is stored. 
This concept serves for the only reason where we want to keep all that less important data somewhere in our tables but never really use it on a day to day basis.
I'll write more info if I get more.

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