Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The world of Databases - Proud to be a DBA

I fell in love with Databases, its a slow process and I didn't realize when it all started.
I heard people loving their profession and crazy about what they do in their offices but never experienced before ( this is true a couple of years ago).
I started my career with databases, vb, asp and .net, i chose or probably life chose Databases for me to continue further.
I didn't object then as I knew there is something that I love in writing queries, designing databases, building, rebuilding databases, studying table structure, columns, indexes, primary keys and so on and on and on.
I moved ahead with my career and today I am in my 3rd company since I started my career 7.5 years ago.
I am continuing working on Databases. Along with it my love and passion for Databases grew day by day and it started a part of my life now.
Like what people say, I am inseparable from the Database world.
I now realize that I've already fallen in love, enjoying my professional choice and proud to be a "DBA".
These three words represent a thousand words about a person working as a DBA.
I am dedicating this post to all the DBAs out there.

DBAs are irreplaceable. 
Every DBA has to endure so much pain, has to face abuse from so many people.
Every known/unknown face in the company talks about databases without actually knowing what is talking about and then starts screaming that there is something wrong with the Database.
DBAs have to work in shifts, 24/7, 365 days a year yet he receives no additional bonus or gains. No one even shows some some pity.
Any issue, any application impact and that's all for that day, our entire day will be with various people answering different questions, attending meetings, explaining them repeatedly again and again the issue, resolution, analysis etc etc.
Despite doing all this, people start complaining that its because we couldn't do our job properly and hence is the issue. There wouldn't be a single person who comes to our rescue and help us. 
Organizations should be proud of having a DBA. DBAs protect organizational data, we strive hard for backing up the data every single hour, every single day. we struggle for hours and days and fix issues.
We are the ones who never get appreciated.
We are the ones who are treated as a bunch of fools, non-engineers who don't know anything about IT except handling their databases.  How insane is this thought? 

DBAs are the tech gurus. A DBA designs database for Aircrafts for space shuttles and what not. He builds databases for Retail stores, for multi billion dollar organizations, stock exchanges, oil companies, Biological research and for so many different things in the world.
Every person in an organization IT is dependent on a DBA but still no one treats him with respect.

For eg:
1) There is a new project coming in, call the DBA please!!
2) Are we migrating our applications, where is your DBA?
3) Are we consolidating, downsizing, did u speak to your DBA?
4) Are you demerging, merging, acquiring a company, have you discussed with your DBA?
5) My company is bankrupt, really!! go and speak to your DBA first.
6) The world is coming to an end. God save the world but we, DBAs are the last persons on this earth who still work on backing up the data one final time :)

To all IT Analysts/Business owners/CIOs/Directors,
You should be proud of having a DBA in your organization. He is the one who protects your whole company data, maintaining your every single transaction happening anywhere across your company. 
Please accept DBAs as saviors of your company, give good bonus and keep us happy. If we are happy and doing our job properly then understand that your complete IT is in safe hands.

Proud to be a DBA

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